Youth Lead the Change is participatory budget process that is a year to year government process where ANY youth in Boston gets to manage how $1 Million Dollars of Boston’s budget is spent to help make Boston even better!

More about Youth Lead the Change

What is a Participatory Budget Process?

Youth Lead the Change is the Country’s FIRST Youth centered Participatory Budget Process

Awards and Recognitions

Boston Winning the US Conference of Mayors’ Livability Award 2015

Forbes Magazine on Youth Lead the Change

Boston Citizinvestor announced our 2014 project winners

The Guardian looking deeper at Youth Lead the Change’s Process and youth

Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

How to get involved!

Youth Lead the Change happens in 3 Phases. You can be involved in any or all Phases!

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Name of Phase Description What can you do at any time Events and social gatherings Organizations
Phase One: Idea Collection You or anyone in the world can submit an idea that would make Boston, your neighborhood, or community, better. You can also submit a challenge you see. TemplateButton


AttendAssembly  RunASession


Phase Two: Proposal Development Youth ages 12-25 join our once awhile meetings to turn ideas into actual city proposal. We teach and connect them with city staff and experts to make them CHANGE AGENTS! FollowOurStories


Phase Three: Get the Youth to Vote! All Youth in Boston ages 12-25 will be able to vote for their top proposals that will become legally binding to be funded using the $1 Million dollars! VoteInYLC


AttendVoteFest HostLocation

Winners of Youth Lead the Change 2016!

Winners of the $1,000,000 Funding for the year:

Project A: More Trash Cans and Recycling Bins in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan.
Project C: Job and Resource finder app. It will be managed by the Division of Youth Engagement and Employment to streamline finding jobs for youth more streamlined and easier.
Project D: 10 new park renovations to have inclusive play elements for folks with disabilities (Dorchester, South End, Roxbury, JP, and Rosindale)
Project G: Wicked Free WiFi 3.0. This will provide free WiFi and charging stations to key locations and bus stops across Boston.

Project Project I: Digital Billboards in Schools. This will put a Flat Screen TV in every BPS school that will broadcast all events, resources, and programs.

Project J: Sunshine and Books. An app that will let anyone know where there are designed outdoor study spaces.

These Winning Policy Areas are special topics that the Mayor will discuss with the Mayor’s Youth Council:

  • Education: new technologies in schools, more funding for after-school activities, etc.
  • Environment, Energy, and Open Space: Investing in Green Rooftops, more handicap accessible friendly parks, more community gardens, etc.
  • Public Health: Increased affordable mental health services, confidential depression screenings in schools, mental health stigma reduction campaign, etc.

Winners were announced in partnership with United Way‘s Youth Venture Program, which gives seed funding to multiple teams of young entrepreneurs and they can compete for $10,000 prizes!

Youth Lead the Change Promo and Results Announcement video

Footage of announcing winners live

Time-lapse of the Event from Beginning to End